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School hell...| Dressing codes | ENG version

                                                                  Hey everyone!

                                         What else can be expected from the Balkans?
                                 From teachers bullying to discrimination girls in the school?
                                                 Let's start from the beginning...

Before few days,in the school,one girl wore tank top.She wasn't first who wore tank top because a lot of girls and boys had worn that before her.Teacher and school pedagogue forced her to put on jacket.
In Bosnia and Herzegowina we hadn't got any code of dressing in the school,buf and if we had code of dressing,a few months ago some boys worn short shorts and tank tops very usually  and they hadn't god that problems with their dressing with teachers,but when it wearing girls in this abnormally system,girls is problem.I think,any code of dressing is encroachment into someone's privacy,and everyone have right for own selection.
What we should expect in high school, if is the situation in the primary school so horrible?
I find code of one high school in Balkan,and after reading that,I will start thinking if I will join high school in Balkan...

The one high school in Balkan said:

"It is believed that the pupil wear inappropriate clothes, if is going on a class in...

They are absollutly crazy!
If this is not polite, I don't know what is...

                                                              That is not polite?

Painted nails are something "horrible".
Who see here something inappropriate?
                           In some school we can see discrimination and bullyng by the teacher.
                                    We we must fight against it and demand our rights.
                                                  What are you thinking about it?


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